Custom Processed Beef

We are Custom Beef Processors… which means you get your meat Your Way.


For over 150 years, Colorado has been home to a large beef cattle industry that produces over 750,000 feed calves per year. As a result, those valued ranchers have helped feed families and provide them with a safe and wholesome food supply along with sustaining Colorado’s beautiful ecosystem

We are now scheduling slaughter dates for Beef, and Yak. Customers should call Ted @ 719-502-5086 and schedule a date.  Our slaughter dates fill up quickly, so give us a call and we will accommodate you. 

We occasionally have cancellations, as well and we may be able to accommodate your needs.  Slaughter itself is done by Steve Zettlemoyer, and we pick your beef up from his facility and then transport your animal back to our processing facility. 

If you have already scheduled an upcoming slaughter date, here are some things that you should know.

Our business, Steve Zettlemoyer’s appointment schedule, and our employee’s work hours are based on the amount of beef scheduled each week.  If you can not keep your appointment, please let us know.  We are a small business, and these appointments are important for us to stay in business. We are trying to accommodate many customers and growers that could have used an earlier appointment, had we known someone scheduled was going to cancel or no-show.  Please be aware that this affects many of us that are trying to provide business to our customers, as well as steady employment to our employees.  


Beef and Yak processing:  Whole Beef:  $1.10 a pound with a $500.00 minimum, based on hanging weight for a finished freezer-paper wrapped product.

Our freezer paper lasts 18-24 months in the freezer.  Vacuum Pak is available at 40 cents per pound. extra.

Half Beef: $1.10 per pound with a $250.00 minimum fee

Split Sides:  $1.10 per pound with a $125.00 minimum fee.  $20.00 handling charge per quarter.  We only do a standard cut for all split sides.

Offal:  $20.00 minimum/per set.

Dog Bones, Marrow Bones and Tallow:  $20.00 per box

1.  Please have your animal delivered to Steve Zettlemoyer the day of your slaughter date, before 9 a.m.  You will need to present a current brand inspection, dated within 10 days of your slaughter date for beef.

2.  If you no-show or cancel your slaughter date, you may have to wait before we are able to get you scheduled again.

3.  When you drop your animal off at Steve’s to be slaughtered, you will be asked to fill out an Age and Ambulatory Sheet. This sheet should be completed in full.  Please check the boxes if you or your customer wants Ofall at this time, otherwise it will not be saved at slaughter.

4.  If you are the grower, you will need to supply the name and phone number of the person or persons buying your beef and how it is split/divided.  We will need these phone numbers and names to be written legibly, so that we can contact your customer and get them to submit a cut-sheet on our website.  If you do not leave proper contact information (names and phone numbers), this will be your responsibility!!!!! 

If your customers do not submit a cut sheet and the beef is ready to be cut after two weeks of age for beef, we will do a standard cut on your beef, and you the grower will be expected to pick up and pay for the beef, according to our pick up policy.  Note:  We do not age Hogs.  Cut sheets for Pork should be submitted asap, as hogs don’t go through the age process well, and they lose hanging weight.

5.  After you drop your animal off at Steves, Please just give your customers this web address, and they can go online and submit a cut sheet.  It’s that simple!  Then we do the rest!  Note:  We do not offer an online cut sheet for goats and lambs.  You will need to call asap and fill out a cut sheet for your goats and lambs, as we do not age goats or lambs.  If we do not hear from you within 3 days of the slaughter, we will do a standard cut sheet on goats and lambs.

Beef Cut Sheet



Prime Beef is a designation of meat quality, by the USDA, which describes the highest quality beef. Prime meat is the most tender and juicy meat grade.


Prime Beef is a designation of meat quality, by the USDA, which describes the highest quality beef. Prime meat is the most tender and juicy meat grade.


Our prices are based on the market price of beef, and will fluctuate up and down with the market. When purchasing a whole or half of beef, we would ask a deposit be placed so that you can ‘lock in’ at a particular price.


Our ground beef is made from the chuck portion of the beef and is the most flavorful part of the cow. We try to keep the fat percentage between 85-90% lean. You and your family will be spoiled after tasting our fresh ground beef, and we can almost promise that you and your family will no longer want to eat ground beef from grocery stores (or anywhere else, for that matter). Many of our return customers are kind enough to let us know they won’t buy burgers from anyone else!

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